Who We are


Maaziah Mountain is a band formed primarily around the husband/wife duo of Jim and April Upton.  Their musical journey began even before they were married some 30 plus years ago.  Over the years they have performed their original works as a duet and with bands formulated by friends and family.  Sometimes the name has changed as the composition of the band has changed, but they have come full circle now to their original Maaziah Mountain standing.

A high water mark for them was when their band was comprised of the two of them performing regularly with their two older daughters.  But time changes things and daughters grow up to begin lives and families of their own.

Their style of music is truly unique featuring mostly acoustic instrumentation and pure, clean lead vocals and harmonies.  Their original compositions are difficult to define by genre but probably are closest to a country/folk/bluegrass combination.  Their style has been compared to Alyson Krauss and Andrew Peterson, while April’s voice is often compared to Karen Carpenter.

April is the lead singer for the duo and it is her voice which gives Maaziah Mountain its distinctive sound. 

Jim is the songwriter, he plays guitar, banjo, and helps out on vocals.

The Songs -

Jim is truly a prolific song writer having penned hundreds of songs.  The themes of his songs span a broad range inspired by his own life experiences and observations, as well as, stories drawn from the experiences of others. As an avid reader and student of history, Jim has written a number of ballads based on historical characters and events.  As a Christian, Jim has crafted songs which encourage, exhort, inspire, and even call to penitence.  And yes, in the mix you will find a few plain, old fashioned love songs like "Sail Away With You" - the song Jim wrote for April on a special wedding anniversary.